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Melody Joy Cuenca

CFO, Chief Throwing Instructor

Melody Joy 'Montana Hale' Cuenca is the wife of Dr. T. Jon Cuenca and the CFO of the Superhero Foundry. Melody Joy 'Montana Hale' Cuenca is the #1 adult female knife thrower in the world and an eleven-time world champion. She recently defended her title as the 2016 Overall Women's Knife Throwing Champion in Maniago, Italy.  She was the 2015 Overall Women's World Champion in Knife and Axe Throwing in Nottinghamshire, England in August 2015 and in Callac, France in 2014.  As a 10 year veteran of the International Knife Throwers' Hall of Fame, this three-time inducted member won the Walk Across Texas (accuracy throwing) at the 2013 IKTHOF Championships on Nov 1-3, 2013 in Blanco, Texas and tied the world record once held by 'Top Shot' host, Todd 'Jack Dagger' Abrams. Melody's resume reads like a Who's Who of Extremely Dangerous people. She graduated from the world famous United Stuntman's Association program in 2002, learning armed & unarmed stage combat, footfalls, stair falls, air ram, precision driving, horse falls, rock climbing, fire burns, speed drops, wire work, rappelling and high falls. She was also part of the Las Vegas Movie Masters stunt and demo team that was owned and operated by her now-husband, Dr. TJ Cuenca To learn more about Melody click this link for an article in the Las Vegas Sun:   And here is another article about Masters Jon and Melody Joy on   And another on the SOG site:   Ranked the Number One Adult Female Knife Thrower in the World