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Dr. T. Jon ‘TJ’ Cuenca

CEO / Chief Instructor

Dr. T. J. "Guro Jon" Cuenca originally of Iloilo City, Philippines, has studied martial arts since 1976. His main style is Ocho Kantos Kali with specialization in improvised weaponry, blades and impact weapons. He graduated with a degree in Dental Medicine in 1992, and is the director of The Superhero Foundry and CEO of Tribal Advantage Systems International in Las Vegas, Nevada. The primary system fighting system used is known as Ocho Kantos Kali (OKK). OKK is an authentic Filipino martial arts style derived from the Moro style of FMA, and founded in the southern Philippines in the province called Mindanao.  The  art was nearly lost throughout the history of Spanish rule, and is now taught by only a select few around the world, including Punong Guro Jon who is a master in the system. Punong Guro Jon Cuenca is ranked in the top 100 Living FMA instructors by the Filipino Martial Arts Museum and a member of the World Filipino Martial Arts Association. He is a Master Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Instructor under the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame and an Expert level Knife thrower in the IKTHOF.  He is also a nine time Blade Sport Champion and an Undefeated Live Stick Fighting champion in over 52 live stick fights. CREDENTIALS AND EXPERIENCE: