Youth & Adult Camps & Seminars 2017

Check out this video of one of our camps from last year.

Super Summer Camp Schedule – links to registration coming soon!

July 10-13, 2017  – Cosplay Costume Contrux:

Build your own superhero costume!  Use EVA foam, Kydex, fiberglass, leather, cloth and even Kevlar to design, create and build a working Superhero Costume for Cosplay or CosFxn (functional cosplay).  Learn how to sew, use leatherworking tools, shape and form thermoplastic materials and paint your own costumes!  5 days $250/participant plus material costs. Open to age groups 9 years and older (including adults).  Limited to 20 attendees.


July 24-28, 2017 – Crash Course Film FX School:

Information packed!!!  In just five days, learn how to stage and shoot a fight choreography scene, create special effect makeup, create special effects like explosions, blood squibs and weapon props, and basic breakaway set design and construction!  5 days $250/participant. Open to age groups 9 years and older (including adults). Limited to 20 attendees.


August 7-11, 2017 – Shinobi Games Training Camp:

Cosplay and ninjas unite!!!  In preparation for the Shinobi Games Challenge this November 11, 2017, we are holding a special training camp that will cover the use of blowguns, throwing stars (shaken), spikes (shuriken), short sword, crossbow, airsoft pistols, flexible weapons, kunai throwing, and survival parkour.  The final day will be a practice round (complete with fog effects and obstacle course) of all Shinobi Games events. Grand prize of a Slate 7 tablet awaits the winners of the Shinobi Games on 11/11/17.  5 days $250/participant. Open to age groups 9 years and older (including adults).  Limited to 20 attendees.

Our camps and special programs are designed from the ground up to merge entertainment, creativity, character building and physical fitness into an experience that is unparalleled and unrivaled anywhere else.


The special programs and camps are themed special events that take place over several days to a few weeks. They differ from regular classes in that camps and special programs are limited access, and provide a more focused environment where everyone start and compete projects such as building costumes or props for a project in the studio with our special effects team, or acting out scripts and plays written by them and for them, making them the star of their own movies. Building actual props and costumes, learning about specific historical eras, and engaging in script writing allows them to help complete a final product in the form of a movie that they can truly call their own and which most people never have the opportunity to fully experience.





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