Corporate and Team Building Events

Bring your corporate events and team building to the most exciting place ever!

Learn to use:

  • throwing knives
  • traditional tomahawks
  • axes
  • tactical tomahawks
  • throwing knives
  • shuriken
  • throwing stars
  • kunai
  • blow darts
  • spikes
  • spears
  • chakrams
  • batarangs
  • and even bow and arrow in the World’s Largest Professional Indoor Precision Sport Throwing range.
  1. Six, 35 foot long regulation (IKTHOF) lanes,
  2. Two electronically-timed fast draw lanes
  3. A 120 foot outdoor long distance range
  4. Indoor targets for airsoft and pellet guns
  5. Ten swinging overhead throwing star targets
  6. Three lanes for large axe throwing.
There are the two options available for group sizes of 20-40 participants from which you can choose for your activities:

1)  The Ninja Bullseye Challenge:  The group is divided into teams.  Each team is instructed on how to use throwing knives and throwing stars for one hour. The last thirty minutes will be a competition to determine which team has the highest score based on combined team score.

2)  Super League Challenge:  The group is divided into teams.  Each team must choose their fastest, strongest, most clever, agile and accurate team mates for each of the challenges. Tests of mental skills, accuracy, strength, speed and resistance to pain are on the list of challenges.

Corporate events for groups of 15 to 30 are ideal in order to give everyone a chance to throw without extended wait times. And our professional instructors are Melody and TJ Cuenca, the highest ranked knife and tomahawk throwing couple in the world as ranked by the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame and The Eurothrow Organization.  Why settle for just any monkey who can fling when you can learn from the best in the most professional, safest and complete precision sport throwing facility in the world?

Contact us now for your adventure into the world of Precision Knife Throwing Sports.

First Time Thrower Class (90 mins) $45.00 per person/ private lane[wpepsc name=”First Time Thrower – 90 mins” price=”45.00″]

Private Class with Master Instructor (90 mins) $125 for one or up to two people [wpepsc name=”Private Class – Pro Series” price=”125.00″]

Lane Rental Only (bring your own knives/axes) $25/hour [wpepsc name=”Lane Rental only ” price=”25.00″]

Group Rates (call for pricing; leave message): (702) 907-XMEN

Intro Knife Throwing Class