Special Reservations


SMALL EVENT RESERVATIONS (minimum 48 hour notice)

Reservations are required to hold your spot.  Please refer to the appropriate buttons below and choose accordingly.  If you do not wish to pay by Paypal, you may stop by the studio or pay via check and mail to: Superhero Foundry 3155 W. Post Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118

Cancellations made no less than 24 hours of chosen date will receive full refund.  There are NO REFUNDS of reservation fees for cancellations made within 24 hours of reservation.

Reservations that are made for SMALL EVENTS occurring in less than 48 hours MUST PAY IN FULL.   Reservations for LARGE EVENTS occurring in less than two weeks must place a MINIMUM DEPOSIT OF 50% TOTAL COSTS.

Reserved Date:*
Event Start Time:
Reservation Fees ONLY: Actual charges during time of event may still apply.
Details (if any)

Please choose from the following to reserve your spot:

Knife Throwing Private Class Reservation ($125/hour – include annual membership)

DEPOSIT $50:   [wpepsc name=”Knife Throwing Private Class” price=”50.00″]

Knife Throwing with Knife/Axe Rental – Single Lane / 2-3 people per lane  ($45/person/60 mins)

DEPOSIT $45: [wpepsc name=”Lane Reservation with Knife Rental” price=”45.00″]

Knife Throwing Only – Single Lane / 2-3 people per lane ($30/person/90 mins)

DEPOSIT $20: [wpepsc name=”Lane Rental Only” price=”20.00″]

Hourly Studio Floor rental (for routines, performances and choreography) ($25/hour)

DEPOSIT $25:  [wpepsc name=”Studio Floor Rental” price=”25.00″]

Private Classes and Specialty Training sessions ($125.00/hour)

DEPOSIT $75:  [wpepsc name=”Private Class” price=”75.00″]

LARGE EVENTS (two week advanced notice required):

Birthday Party (please call us directly for quote and to make arrangements)

DEPOSIT $75 [wpepsc name=”Birthday Party” price=”75.00″]

Corporate Event (please call us directly for quote and to make arrangements)

DEPOSIT $100 [wpepsc name=”Corporate Event” price=”100.00″]