Superpower Potential Assessment

Heroes in Training (H.I.T. Squad) and Guardians of Tomorrow Qualification


DO YOU WANT TO BE A SUPER HERO? (HEROES – Healthy, Empowered, Responsible, Outreach Oriented, Excellent, Safe)

Not a television hero, written to be heroic but merely playing a part, but a real hero able to spring into action when needed? The definition of a hero is someone who has, at some time, gone above and beyond their comfort zone to give selflessly of themselves to help another person, an animal or a cause or movement.

Our definition of a hero is someone who does this ON A REGULAR BASIS. The actions of a leader come naturally to them, and they strive to lead the pack and help others on a daily basis.  There are heroes all around us.  Soldiers, firemen, teachers, police, parents and even other people who carry on quietly with their lives but are willing to help others without regard for reward or the price of sacrifice.


The fear of danger lives within each individual. Doing the right thing will sometimes carry inherent risks.  Stopping crime isn’t necessary to becoming a hero.  Becoming a vigilante is never an option. However becoming a human deterrent is always a better option than being a simple bystander.  Creating change through community service is another way, especially if you are focused on helping larger groups of people all at the same time.  Being a hero is the willingness to stand up for what’s right despite the consequences.


How do I start?

The first step to becoming a real life hero begins when you enter the Superhero Foundry at Tribal Advantage. NOTHING about this studio is like anything you’ve ever seen.  Masters of many different styles have visited us and have commented on how unique our facility and system is and how much they love visiting and learning from us.
Your first visit will introduce you to our system, and you will know why it is unique. Unlike most modern martial arts, we instill a code of honor and behavior that becomes the basis of all future goals and deeds.  Like the traditional martial arts, we don’t just focus on the combative aspects of self defense, but also the motivation, rationale and repercussions of our actions. This is the crux of why we believe our graduates seek the path of a heroic warrior.

In additional, the rigors of physical combat and challenges will temper the student’s rough edges into a keen blade.  Unlike some martial art systems based on only one type of combat style, our unique system incorporates Filipino Warrior Art of Ocho Kantos Kali,  short medium and long range weapons, knife and axe throwing, survival parkour training as well as leadership and survival techniques. This combination of disciplines transforms the student from the inside out.

The skills you will learn with Punong Guro (Master Instructor) Jon Cuenca and Master Melody Joy Cuenca will help you come closer to being a real life hero, and be able to handle any situation you may encounter in the real world.

The second step is to come in and take the Superpowers Assessment Test at the Superhero Foundry.  This is a two page assessment of what type of powers you may possess.  There will be a practical test as well as a skills test once we have determined what your potential may be. 


We have recently partnered with our good friend, author and fellow knife thrower Andy Fisher who has written an excellent book called The Hero Forge.  This literary masterpiece reads like it was written specifically for the Superhero Foundry and is available on Amazon here: The Hero Forge

We will be using much of what Andy has written in his book as a guide for our HIT Squad and he has assured us that we will receive the first copies of his next book that focuses on heroism in young people.


Located in Las Vegas at 3155 W. Post Road, the Superhero Foundry is a 2,800 square foot indoor, climate controlled training facility where you can train to become a hero for the real world. We are a unique and one of a kind center with the world’s largest professional indoor knife throwing range, as well as a Weapons of the World display on site.  The center is a unique experience. It’s not a typical gym and there are no colored belts on display to designate rank.  Ranking is based solely on skills assessment and the ability to use the techniques in unique sparring and group battle scenarios. This is a safe yet challenging gathering place where you become more confident in your world, developing skills through genuine tribal camaraderie, solid core training, sport throwing, parkour, survival skills and leadership training.

The Center has:

  • nineteen foot ceilings
  • six knife throwing lanes with more than 20 available targets
  • targets for blowguns, throwing stars, slingshots and more
  • parkour obstacle training courseWall of Weapons
  • serious martial arts equipment for use in training
  • blowguns, slingshots, spears, archery and more

We have everything you will need to become a modern day hero, and can show you the keys to unlock the power that lies within you!






How do you begin? What steps must you take to become a real life hero?
The old adage states that every journey begins with a single step, so contact us today using this simple form to get started.
You will receive a reply within 24 hours with further instructions on how to develop your personal mission parameters on the path to achieving the skills a real world hero needs.






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