The Superhero Foundry Gets a Hero Forge

What is a hero?  A few weeks ago, my friend and fellow knife throwing aficionado, Andy Fisher published his book called “The Hero Forge: No Mask or Cape Required”.  In this book lies the very same concepts that we, at the Superhero Foundry have been following for years.  But despite our repeated attempts at trying to put our concepts and ideas on paper, we have been rather ineffective.  That is why we are very excited to find that Andy Fisher has accomplished what we have so desperately tried to hammer out so many times before.  He defines and outlines the virtues and path of what it means to be a hero. And he does it with excellent research, science, wit, and humor.

The necessary components for the Hero’s Journey are outlined and explained in the Hero Forge.  Andy quotes Joseph Campbell and the works of many other great writers and thinkers to create supporting evidence on how heroes have been perceived and revered throughout history.

In his book, Mr. Fisher explores the mental, societal, ethical as well as physical components to forging oneself into a hero. I cannot do justice to the book by summarizing any part of it because the examples, stories and even the syntax that Andy uses creates a unique feel that must be experienced by the reader.

In short, we are recommending The Hero Forge as required reading for all members of the Superhero Foundry.  We believe that the wisdom therein will further drive home the concepts and ideas of what we teach on a daily basis.  During my interview with Andy for his podcast on, he informed me that he will be writing a follow-up book.  It will be patterned specifically for a younger audience such as those at the Superhero Foundry.  We look forward to that day, and the chance to collaborate even more with the Hero Forge.  Soon, a paradigm shift will happen that may someday turn our cynical and apathetic world into that of real world superheroes.

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