RESULTS of 2017 IKTHOF US Nationals

US Nationals Press Release

Winners at 2017 IKTHOF US Nationals

Amateur Knife: Novice 2nd Joyce Eisenberg; 1st Daniel Doyle.
Intermediate 3rd Tracy Tenny, 2nd Brandon Ryel, 1st Nick Velasquez.
Senior Knife: Intermediate 2nd Ed Brown, 1st Pete Bonkemeyer.
Pro Knife: 3rd Micah Posada, 2nd Clifford Payne, 1st Christopher Miller.
Amateur Hawk: Novice 3rd John Forrest Davis, 2nd Nick Velasquez, 1st Alwaynne Tan.
Intermediate 3rd Ed Brown, 2nd Devin Debow, 1st Brandon Ryel. Expert 3rd Robert Huber, 2nd JW Wiseman, 1st Bo Tait.
Senior Hawk: 1st Intermediate Pete Bonkemeyer
Pro Hawk: 3rd Clifford Payne, 2nd Michael Pearl, 1st Christopher Miller.
No Spin: Novice 3rd Clifford Payne, 2nd Ed Brown, 1str Ted Eisenberg. Intermediate 3rd Devin debow, Judah Myers, 1st Bill Lagrasso.
Mike ‘Alamo’ Bainton’s Golden Jackpot (Gold Cup) Knife Champion: Christopher Miller
Mike ‘Alamo’ Bainton’s Golden Jackpot (Gold Cup) Tomahawk Champion: Clifford Payne

Trick Throwing: 3rd John Grabowski, 2nd Mike Pearl and 1st Judah Myers.
Hang Man: 3rd Chris Christopher Miller, 2nd Ward Wright, 1st Micah Posada.
Roulette: 3rd Clifford Payne, 2nd Christopher Miller, 1st Mike Pearl.
Speed Throw: 3rd Lee Fugatt, 2nd David Harris, 1st Bill Lagrasso.
Black Jack: 3rd James Jw Wiseman, 2nd TJ Cuenca, 1st Ward Wright.
Fast Draw: 3rd Ted Eisenberg, 2nd TJ Cuenca, 1st Mike Pearl.
Long Distance Knife:  3rd TJ Cuenca, 2nd Ward Wright, 1st Ted Eisenberg.
Long Distance Hawk:  2nd Bill Lagrasso, 1st TJ Cuenca.

Television coverage by Las Vegas Channel 8 Morning News and newspaper coverage by Las Vegas Review Journal.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Mike Alamo Bainton, Hewlett Packard (Ron Thomas), Home Depot, Valley Axe (BoTait), SOG Knife and Specialty Tools, Bullseye Blades (Jeremy Beintema) Atty. Rex Velasquez, Bill Lagrasso, Christopher Miller and Sarah Miller, Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Michael Buzbee, Dan Pegg and the Deltaville Pointy Objects Club, and Monster Energy Drinks.

And to our assistants whom we couldn’t have run such an efficient event: Arielle Cuenca, Criselda Macauley, Lain Macauley, Nicholas White, Evie and Manny Urbina, Dominique Myers, Patrick B. Kerby and Robert Scot of Beyond LA Productions, Phil Valentine and Morgan Wasik, our massage therapist Naomi Joy, Christy Love, Hui-Lim Ang, Sarah Miller, the assistant managers of Home Depot, Michael Shockey, Mariah Carroll and everyone who helped score, set up and clean up.

And to Mr Jack Dagger, the King of Fling the Master of Ceremonies – a HUGE THANKS from all of us!

With the amazing donated items for the auction from Christopher Miller, SOG Knives, Jeremy Beintema, KATTA (John Taylor) and proceeds from sales and massage therapy from Superhero Foundry we were able to hit our goal of raising $1000.00 to benefit!!!!!! Huge thanks to all our generous bidders, too! VIDEO of Semper Fi Fund


Amateurs, pros let blades fly at knife-throwing contest in Las Vegas

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