Real Superpowers? Yes.

Superpowers. Abilities beyond that of mortal men.


Or are they?

Scientists have been striving to push past the physical limitations of the
human body for decades. Challenging themselves and sometimes taking
inspiration from what was once thought impossible; more and more of what
has existed only on the printed page or in the realm of science fiction and
fantasy is becoming reality. The following is but a small sample of some of
the gadgets people could use to become real-life superheroes.

*Webslingers and hornheads rejoice!*

An inventor by the name of Victor Matteevitsi has developed a suit capable
of giving the wearer enhanced senses similar to that of Marvel Comic’s
Daredevil or Spiderman. The suit contains microphone-equipped modules in
small robotic arms capable of receiving and sending ultrasonic reflections
from nearby objects. If the ultrasound detects something approaching the
wearer, the arms respond by creating pressure on the part of the body
closest to the threat. The suit’s inventor tested the suit out with
blindfolded volunteers, making them stand outside and telling them to
“sense” for potential threats; he even gave them cardboard throwing stars
to use if they sensed someone coming towards them. He has said that
ninety-fice percent of the time, the wearer was able to sense the
approaching person, the direction they were coming in and throw the star at
them. Mateevitsi says that the blind are not the only people that could
use the suit. It could help cyclists be more aware of cars on the street
for one. But imagine if someone with all of their facilities used this
suit. To quote the inventor “Humans have the senses that we are born with,
and we can’t extend them, but some threats like radiation cannot be sensed.
Electronic sensors can feel those threats.”

Now imagine that someone with weapons training is wearing this suit.
Suddenly, being a superhero doesn’t seem too far-fetched anymore, does it?


Article by Zak T.

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