SAT – Superpowers Assessment Test

Superpowers Assessment Test

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The following questionnaire was designed to determine if you possess any latent talents/abilities/powers/skills (TAPS) that may be developed to a higher level through training and technology.  If your TAPS score is satisfactory, you will be directed to another questionnaire that will determine how teachable, malleable and open you are to the rigorous training required to unlock your potential.  Some individuals may not receive a link to a second questionnaire.  Please do not dismay.  Simply repeat the questionnaire and answer the questions in an honest and realistic manner.  The algorithm used in this questionnaire is designed to filter irrational, fantastical and imagined responses.  The answers must be based on your current physical, mental, and social state, and not a future or imagined self.  This questionnaire is not for entertainment purposes and must be answered in an honest and candid manner.  

You have five (5) minutes to complete this test.  Thank you for your interest in the Superhero Foundry.    

If you have further questions, and wish to speak to an associate, please call (702) 970-TASK and leave a detailed message. 

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