Blade Aces • Tribal Advantage Real Life Heroes Save A Life in Texas

Blade Aces • Tribal Advantage Real Life Heroes Save A Life in Texas

Blade Aces • Tribal Advantage Real Life Heroes Save A life in Texas

_DSC8588-Edit (Small)Melody Joy Cuenca and Jon Cuenca rescued the life of a man who suffered a cardiac arrest in Texas, and acted upon the scene as real heroes.

Las Vegas, NV, November 21, 2014 –(– Real Life Heroes Save A life in Texas

By Steven J. Campbell

Carrollton, TX – Internationally recognized champion knife throwers Melody Joy Cuenca and Jon “T.J Quicksilver” Cuenca intervened at Spa Castle Texas as a life was nearly lost to a heart attack.

On a cold Texas evening on November 11, 2014, at the pool at “Spa Castle Texas,” Dan Farling, sitting poolside unexpectedly slumped over and began sinking below the water after suffering a myocardial infarction. As a bartender on the scene called 911 dispatch, Melody Joy Cuenca ran across the pool and to Mr. Farling’s rescue as Melody Joy and Jon Cuenca pulled Mr. Farling from the water with the help of Mrs. Farling who helped to keep her husbands head above water. After picking up and and carrying him to safety, Melody performed alternating chest compression to ensure the survival of Mr. Farling as Mrs. Farling watched in fear and disbelief. At the same time, Jon Cuenca communicated with 911 dispatch, relaying and providing updates and guidance in the eight minutes it took paramedics to appear on the scene.

Upon arrival, emergency medical technicians took over and Mr. Farling was taken to local hospital where he was treated and will see a full safe recovery. Melody Joy and Jon Cuenca, champion knife throwers and members of the “Blade Aces” knife throwing team ( were attending an International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame event in nearby Austin Texas. When asked to comment, Jon Cuenca explained “‘We’re not going out trying to be heroes but we are glad that our CPR training came in handy to save Mr. Farling’s life. Anyone could have done the same thing, but his wife was glad that we were trained to respond effectively and to recognize signs of distress.”

For more information on Melody Joy and Jon Cuenca and the “Blade Aces” team (recognized as The World’s Top Ranked Knife Throwing Couple), please visit: To learn about the Tribal Advantage Systems International “Hero Training Center” please visit:

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